Bait Companies

Sussex Bait Developments are a bespoke bait company offering quality baits at affordable prices.

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Here at monster baits we’ve been constantly evolving for well over a decade now.

Our aim is to innovate and to supply the very finest bait our ever changing Industry has to offer.
All of our baits that we are producing contain the essential ingredients and additives that are sourced from the very best and highest quality distributors in the UK.
This in turn creates an irresistible bait that not only benefits the condition, health and welfare of the fish, but also massively enhances catch rates.
our flavours and additives have been carefully selected and blended to stand-out from our market competitors.

We’re all about creating high-quality carp baits that stand out from the crowd and give you an edge. That’s exactly why we steam our baits, locking in the nutritional value to produce a bait that carp want to eat time and time again!

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